Finding Peace in a Digital World

by | Jan 30, 2018

I lost my cell phone…

It was two days before our vacation and I was so excited to get away from work. On my lunch break, I ran to the bathroom to make a call and on the way out, I left my cell phone by the sink. It was a brand new iPhone and I worked at a busy university. The halls were filled with students, faculty and staff. 

By the time I realized I had left the phone in the bathroom, it was gone. 


Phone Obsession 

Losing the phone was strange. I was devastated! I lost all my contacts, my photos and the feeling that I had no way of being contacted or reaching anyone else, left me feeling naked. 

Little did I know – losing my cell phone would be the biggest blessing in disguise! 

You see, I had become a little too social media obsessed. I was: 

– Checking my phone every 20 minutes 

– Scrolling through Facebook feeds all the time

– Constantly taking pictures instead of being in the moment

– Comparing myself to others, feeling not good enough

– Feeling addicted to my phone and wishing I could get away.

So when I lost my phone, I decided to head off to my Florida vacation without my phone. I took no pictures, I didn’t check in on Facebook, I just…lived! 

It taught me how to be mindful, present and enjoy the moment. 

I want to teach you how to have a better relationship with social media. 


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I hope to see you then. 

Namaste, 🙏



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