How to Quit Your Day Job to Become a Spiritual Entrepreneur

by | Apr 2, 2019

The day they let me go was the day I sprouted my wings.

I had been dreaming of leaving my 9 to 5 job for years. Sitting in a freezing cubicle with florescent lights showering down on me I often felt like a lab rat. Most of the hours were spent dreaming of being outside, shuffling angel cards or doing yoga on the beach.

When I had my daughter in 2015 the desire to escape the cubicle life became intense. Shifting from daydreaming into practicality, I started to do my research and step into the path of becoming a spiritual entrepreneur. A spiritual entrepreneur is someone who follows their spiritual path and uses their creative energy (delivered from their highest self) to build a business.

Your Soul Knows the Way

Finally I had had enough and I left the corporate world and moved to a tropical island. Still I was scared to let go, so I continued to work from home staying one foot in the business world and grasping my monthly checks from corporate.

Then one day I got an email, the company where I was working decided to end my contract. I was finally free! I knew it had been time to leave for a long time but I was scared to take the leap. Now I felt like I was totally ready to fly.

Some of us have come here to do very specific work; spiritual work that involves self healing and healing the planet. We now live in abundant times when spiritual teachers, clairvoyants, psychics, life coaches, visionaries, healers and lightworkers are being recognized and honored for their high vibrational work. But it didn’t always used to be this way.

Fear of Trailblazing 

Leaving your day job can be very intimidating. The system is set up so that you are receiving a steady inflow of money (usually very little money and usually much less than you deserve), but that little bit of money keeps you feeling safe and steady. Soon you begin to believe this is all you are worth. You continue to take soul-crushing work and beat yourself up. Low self worth is sure to follow. The system wants you to have low self worth because this will keep you exactly where you are.

We are the trailblazers!

If you have a fire in your heart, if there is a passion you feel you just MUST pursue, don’t ever allow a business or corporation to hold you back. Blaze your own trail, light your own fire, do whatever you can to keep these dreams alive. You were sent here to do this work.

Exercise: With a pen and paper, write down “I come alive when I…” and then allow your heart to write the rest. Let it all come out. Every morning before you go to work, write down what your ideal day and ideal job would look like. Begin the process of blazing your own path.

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Saving For the Leap 

Before leaving your 9 to 5 job you should focus on paying off your debt and saving some money up. Working for yourself can be a beautiful lesson in ebb and flow. We are always abundant, but it comes down to our FEELINGS. When you feel abundant, abundance is naturally attracted to you. But you will go through days or weeks or maybe even months of not feeling or tuning into spirit. That’s a perfectly normal part of being human! We are flawed, we are on and off the path, we are always doing our best.

I am honored to have a husband who was patient to teach me about money and spending. There was a lot of damage control I had to do with my frivolous spending in my early twenties. After spending on credit cards and not paying bills on time I had ruined my credit and packed on a lot of debt. He helped me slowly pay off the debts and focus on new day. It felt like such a relief and I know it was a big part of leaving my corporate life behind.

Exercise: Debt and income – take a look at your debt and work out an exit plan. Ask yourself, how much money do I need to pay off in order to be free? You don’t have to pay all your debt off, but you do need to feel less restricted by it. Secondly, write down how much money you need to make a month to be free. It doesn’t have to be extravagant. You can start small, share with a room mate, spend less on social events, but you can do it!

A Leadership Mindset 

The final step to leaving an unhappy job to become a spiritual entrepreneur is to claim your new role as LEADER. This has been the step I have resisted for a long time out of fear. When you realize you are a leader, you must then truly become the leader. You must embody the role as leader, teacher, coach, healer, lightworker, or visionary. You must accept the infinite possibilities of using your divine power for good.

We can be fearful of our own power. But you must remind yourself that your power has been granted by the Universe and so many people are awaiting you now. So many are ready to feel your beautiful energy. Don’t hold yourself back.

Exercise: Write down on sticky notes: I AM A LEADER and place them all over your room. Practice embodying the FEELING of being a leader and stepping into your true calling.

This has been my lesson this past year. I have been slowly uncovering the fear, letting go of the resistance, and fully embodying myself as a conscious leader and positive-impact visionary.

I didn’t come here to do small work, I came here to do MASSIVE work on a global scale.

And I am ready. Are you?

Photos by Jamie Werner-Wise


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