Saying Yes to Your Soul

by | Jan 16, 2019

My new year began on a beautiful beach overlooking the Caribbean sea. 

I made a commitment to myself looking at that crystal blue water: I was going allow myself to shine and not hold myself back any longer.

There’s something magical about tapping into your inner magic and allowing your TRUE, authentic self to shine. One of the most powerful tools I have been using on my spiritual journey is to begin each day by visualizing my deepest, most heart felt desires. In that moment, I realize that those things that I desire are ALSO desiring me. There’s a magnetic connection bringing the two halves together.

As Alana Fairchild says in her oracle deck Sacred Rebels:

“Trust in what you truly want. Not the substitutes and make-dos…Ask yourself, what it is that truly moves you…As you get to know your genuine desires and give yourself permission to feel and receive them, a powerful sequence is set into motion. From the depths of the universe, your desires hurtle towards you as the perfect manifestation.” 

When we sit with our inner most desires, we unlock our inner magic: it’s that stuff that makes you feel alive! So much of our lives is spent on autopilot, forgetting the magic we used to enjoy as children.

This past year I realized that I truly am a spiritual teacher and I came here to do some deep, magical work. It doesn’t serve me to hide out and not allow all of my creative talents to shine. So I am vowing to step up in 2019 and do the inner work so I can share it with you all.

What if you could have it all? 

“I get to have it all on my terms, or something better.” That’s the message I received today from this beautiful spiritual coach, Jessica Caver Lindholm.

Today I repeated this affirmation to myself, “I say yes to my soul. I am embodied, aligned with source energy and ready to step into the fullest expression of my being. I am enjoying my life. All my free time is my ME time. I attract peace, magic, nourishment, good vibes, heart-centered people.”

As I become clear with my heart felt desires, all that I desire comes to me effortlessly and with ease. THE WARRIOR WOMAN within encourages me to take the leap, take a risk, and step into my divine strength. I’m filled with love, abundance, bliss.

Here are a few ways to listen and say YES to your soul:

  1. Have fun, let go, giggle.
  2. Tune in, pray, meditate, listen.
  3. Dance, do yoga, swim, move your body.
  4. Play with children, be goofy.
  5. Write it all down, let it pour from your heart.

When you get the call from your soul, say YES, do not ignore it! Life is short and the time is now. Act now, your SOUL will thank you.

Love and light,


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