Goddess Lakshmi

Meet Goddess Lakshmi: The Divine Deity of Wealth and Abundance

by | Apr 18, 2022

For many years I have been fascinated with Goddess Lakshmi, the Hindu goddess known for activating wealth, beauty and good fortune. It has been an interesting journey back home, to a place that is very familiar to me. The Goddesses have welcomed me with open arms.

Working with the Goddesses and healing through goddess worship has been such a blessing in my life! It has given me space to:

  • Get in touch with my Divine Feminine energy
  • Flow in abundance, wealth, and creativity
  • Feel, heal, and release harsh emotions
  • Recognize shadows and stagnant energy that I needed to release.

There’s nothing new about goddess worship. Goddess worship has been practiced through India and the world for many years. To this day goddess worship remains a powerful practice in India The vast variety of Goddesses in India allows individuals to connect and resonate with their many qualities, grasping a reflection of themselves. Goddesses invoke various elements of our inner soul, granting us an exploration of the Feminine Divine within.

Let’s take an insight into one Divine deity in particular Lakshmi — the Goddess of wealth and fortune, power and beauty.

Who is Goddess Lakshmi?

Supreme Goddess Lakshmi symbolizes infinite wealth in all forms. Not only physical wealth but a wealth of knowledge, courage, and victory. This Goddess has been worshipped in Hindu tradition since the beginning of time and continues to this day to gift individuals from all around the world with pure abundance. When worshipped, this mother Goddess can bring ABUNDANCE to those who are seeking it, although it is said that Lakshmi will only honor those who are hardworking and deserve it not those who are lazy and don’t offer commitment. She does not honor greed. 

What is abundance? Abundance means ample quantity, plentifulness, overflow, affluence, wealth. Goddess Lakshmi wants us to know that the WORLD is abundant and we can have EXACTLY what we desire. 

History of Goddess Lakshmi

The history of Lakshmi begins with the dichotomy of male versus female. It is said that Lakshmi is the active energy of Vishnu, her husband. He represents all that is masculine, and she, all that is feminine. She was also the daughter of the Divine Durga — mother Goddess of protection, strength, motherhood, destruction, and wars. Goddess Lakshmi derived from the churning of the primeval milky ocean created by a war between Gods and Demons. After an intervention from Brahma and Vishnu, she rises out of the waves on her fully-bloomed lotus clothed in all white and radiating youth and beauty. 

Goddess Lakshmi’s Appearance

Enchantingly beautiful, Lakshmi sits upon an eight-petaled lotus flower floating on a lake. As one of the most sacred plants in the world, the lotus flower represents rebirth, beauty, purity, and spiritual enlightenment. She’s always accompanied by two elephants on either side of her that are spraying water, a purity element.

Each of her four hands represents the Purusharthas (the inherent values of the Universe) Artha (economic values), Kama (pleasure), Dharma (righteousness), and Moksha (liberation). The Purusharthas signify the blueprint for human fulfillment. As the goddess of wealth, gold coins overflow from Lakshmi’s hands to signify those who worship her will achieve true abundance in all elements of life. Adorned in red clothing with gold embroidery to symbolize prosperity, she’s the ultimate embodiment of wealth and fortune. 

Calling Upon Goddess Lakshmi 

You may have heard of Diwali, the festival of lights and a powerful time when Hindus welcome the presence of Lakshmi into their homes through ceremonial blessings called Pujas. Families and close friends will gather in each other’s homes to host the ceremony and pray for Laskimis abundance.

Traditionally, Fridays are the day on which Lakshmi is worshipped although whenever you feel called to connect with Goddess Lakshmi, do so. There’s no right time or place to call upon Goddess Lakshmi as she’ll come to you whenever you need her the most.

Here are some examples of when it might be a good time to call upon Goddess Lakshmi:

  • You’ve been feeling a little stuck and unmotivated.
  • You’re working so hard but don’t feel that you’ve reached a point of success.
  • You’re on a spiritual journey and you feel that you’ve reached a hurdle that requires some divine power to overcome.
  • You feel worn out, burn out, drained, and full of “lack” energy.
  • Your bank account is feeling empty.
  • Your heart is feeling empty.

When you move from a place of love, commitment, and pure intentions, Lakshmi will support you. Invite Lakshmi’s abundance into your life by chanting her powerful Sanskrit mantra:

You can try this mantra in a Japa Mala Meditation. Begin by finding a safe space where you won’t be disturbed. Arrive in a comfortable seated position and let the eyes gently close. You can use mala beads and begin chanting this powerful mantra 108 times, do this as many times as you like to feel Lakshmi’s energy and embrace your  abundant nature. 

With the help of Goddess Lakshmi you can invoke Divine Feminine energy, honor your fierce female power and embrace the inner goddess within. 

This is one of my favorite Lakshmi mantras. Enjoy!


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