I Have a Confession…

by | Feb 9, 2016


I have a Confession to make:

I’m not happy all the time.

I think Facebook and social media are set up to make us feel envious or jealous or convince us to compare our lives to other people’s lives.
So I want to be clear. I’m not always happy. If I was, I wouldn’t know the meaning of joy or know happiness when I felt it.
Sometimes I’m very serious. Other times I’m grumpy and want to be alone. And yet other times I’m downright depressed.
I have a full range of emotions. Just like you. I just choose to share my happy moments with the world in the hopes of uplifting and sharing and spreading love.
I also choose to focus on happiness and attracting more joy into my life. More pleasure, more peace, more abundance.
The more I put love out, the more I will receive.
My spiritual bank account is overflowing.

But I’m. Not. Always. Happy.

And I wanted to be real with you about that. I know life is hard and we go through many struggles.
But just feel it. Feel it all. Enjoy it. Live it.
That’s part of the ride.


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