I Promise…

by | Nov 4, 2010

I want you to do this now.

Stop what you are doing. Put down that coffee. Grab a paper and a pen and follow my lead.

Write these two words down:

I Promise.

Now fill in the blank. These are YOUR promises to yourself. You could write yourself one promise or fifty, it doesn’t matter. It could be something private or something you want the world to see. It could be something that can immediately be accomplished or something that only lives in your dreams.

The point is how can we accomplish our dreams if we never write them down?

Just as an example, here are some of my promises to myself.

I Promise: to love myself even when I feel like hating myself.

I Promise: to not let my worries or my stresses get me down.

I Promise: to live everyday like it is my last.

I Promise: to finish writing this book, or novel, or (fill in any of the million unfinished projects here).

I Promise: to eat healthier.

I Promise: to learn to say no.

I Promise: to help others to the best of my ability.


Now it’s your turn!

Post your promises below.


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