by | Nov 5, 2010

You might know the skit from SNL’s Weekend Update. But if you don’t know it check it out here.

This is the Sookton List of “Really?!?”

1. Really, users of CNN this headline is more popular on CNN than this headline? Really!??

Source: CNN

I mean I know we come from a world where death and destruction are the norm but bombing a place of worship? If that happened here there would be a national outcry. It would be the most popular story on CNN for years to come. But why, if it happens in Pakistan, is it less significant? If it happened in Egypt or Peru would it be less significant, too? Really!??

2. Really, George Bush the lowest point of your career was when Kanye West said you don’t care about black people? Really?!

Because you really couldn’t think of anything else that might have been a low point? Like maybe when the planes hit the twin towers? Or the complete collapse of the economy? Or the thousands of American fatalities? But Kanye West calls you a bigot and that’s your lowest point? Really?

3. Really, Oprah Winfrey did you really ask why a mule’s poop is green? Really?!?

I mean come on Oprah (or shall I say Poprah), you know why it’s green! I mean you are the most powerful woman in the world but you need to ask why a mule’s poop is green? Really?!?

4. Really, is this not the cutest thing you have ever seen?? Really?!

Source: Darius Cubbage, Sea Witch Festival

You are not sure if it  is a dog or a bear- but you still want to snuggle up with it on the couch! I mean, really. Why did God himself not come up with this dog-bear hybrid? We all want panda bears to play with damnit! And why does it have to have that ridiculously cute face? Is it just trying to get dognapped? Could it really get any cuter? Really!?

5. Really, Wisconsin drunk did you really have to chase that one-legged goose? Really?!

I’m not really sure what they do out in Wisconsin but apparently they like to get drunk and run fowls out of the town. This drunken fool decided he had had enough with this damn one-legged goose and he wanted to roast it. He then chased  it into the Wisconsin River! I mean where are the photographs when you need them? Come on TMZ! Stop chasing Lindsey around and show us some of this hot man chasing goose into river action. That would make my day. I mean, really?!?

You got any Reallys?! Add them below.


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