I Write Because I Love.

by | Feb 3, 2011

I write because I love.

I write because the world speaks.

The world whispers

Softly in my ear.

Quiet, like a tempting lover.

Whispers sweet,

Whispers low,

Whispers through the window


I write because it hurts,

I write because it,

Seeps through me.

Like dark red blood.

Like the finger

That pricks the spindle

When Sleeping Beauty falls.

Falling tears, falling words

Falling from my mouth.

I write because

It’s impossible not to.

It’s mother’s milk,

It’s wholesome,


Not formula.

It’s a child,

It’s innocence,

It’s baby hair and baby eyes.

Eyes into the Universe.

The Universe weeps,

And I feel his pain.

So I comfort him.

I write it down.

I hold him close,

In brief moments,

That feel like hours.

And though I can’t protect him.

I can always try,

When I lift this mighty


Or as some might call it…



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