Please Vote!

by | Feb 5, 2011

I don’t usually ask people to vote for me. But this would be the most awesome of awesomest things to ever awesomely happen.

A girl can dream right?

After a terrible few months, no home, the Rob-bear still unemployed (well he works part time now) and our wedding thrown to the backburner, it would be oh so nice to have something good happen.

And you can help!

Please vote for Rob and I in the Crate and Barrel Dream Wedding Competition. It would mean so much to both of us, you have no idea.


Dream beach wedding with my boo

To vote just click here: And spread the word to get the vote out.

Thank you, thank you, thank you.

Love always,



The moment I realized he was really proposing!

“This world keeps spinning faster

Into a new disaster

So I run to you, I run to you baby.

When it all starts coming undone,

Baby you’re the only one I run to

I run to you.”


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