Just Believe in Yourself

by | Aug 9, 2013

For the past few weeks I have been listening as friends and family share their concerns with me. They want my advice and I will always give it readily and always lend them a shoulder to cry on.

But lately I have been pressing on my own shoulders.

Through the practices of reiki and meditation, I am learning how to calm my own anxieties and heal my own hurts. And through these ancient practices, I am learning to release and let go, finding my own path.

This morning, I was going about my routine, when it hit me: “Just believe in yourself!”

Our self doubts always land us in trouble or cause us unnecessary pain, so the first step is to believe in yourself.

It really is the hardest step, but once you get started, you will start listening to your intuition, learning how to heal yourself, and seeing the bigger picture.

Believing in yourself means:

  • Rejoicing in your successes
  • Accepting your body as beautiful
  • Accepting your mind as beautiful
  • Understanding your flaws
  • Changing your bad habits
  • Practicing non-judgement
  • Creating and maintaining your own private space
  • Understanding the things you have no control over
  • Practicing kindness and living in a positive frame of mind

At 30 years old, I can honestly say I am nowhere near the completion of all the above tasks. But I am beginning to see them and acknowledge them. It’s like my eyes are opening for the first time.

My sense of self is becoming more evident to me, and I am enjoying this path of self discovery.

Say this mantra along with me today:

I may not be perfect, but I am me. I am me: a beautiful divine creature. I am who I am, that is that.









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