Magic & Motherhood: An Invocation to All Mothers

by | Jul 25, 2020

This is an invocation to all the mothers who ever were, to the current mothers, and to every mother who will ever be.


This is an invocation to the great, wise animal mothers, to the divine Mother Earth. This is for the spirit of mothers, to the goddesses, to the divine feminine. May you forever be blessed and filled with grace and love.

Dear mother, may you know you are loved. Even if no one tells you,  even if you never hear the words, you are appreciated.

When you are tired and your muscles are sore, may you know you are valuable. And when your child tries every nerve in your body, may you know patience.

The moment you see that baby and hold her or him in your arms, may your heart be filled with the purest of divine light. May you walk with confidence and be guided by the ancestors.

Always honor the women who have come before you.

Wise mother, listen with your heart. There may be tough decisions and challenges ahead. Don’t let them break you.

Let today be the day that you expand into the highest of consciousness. Never forget your self worth. Never forget your soul.

Allow everyday be a journey into fully understanding that you already possess the greatest gift of all…the gift of motherhood.



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