Healing Comes in Waves

by | Jul 16, 2020

The best and most beautiful things in the world cannot be seen or even touched – they must be felt with the heart.” – Helen Keller

I’m writing to you with a cozy cup of tea and a view of the island after this big tropical storm Karen washed by. The waves were angry and dark. The wind was blowing hard, bending the palm trees from side to side.

It got me thinking about how healing the soul is very much like the weather patterns.

It comes in waves.

When you experience healing, you challenge yourself to dive into your self care, you fully step into it. Sometimes it feels like you’ve been through a tidal wave and when it’s over, you convince yourself that it’s all good now and go on with your life. Sometimes you’re right! But most of the time, you’re wrong. There will be more healing to do, when the tide comes in again.

I like to think we all come into this world as iridescent and perfectly crystal blue as the Caribbean Sea around me here in St. Croix. Babies don’t often need healing. That’s because they’re closest to Spirit.

Life starts turning your waters murky.

The next thing you know, your beautiful clear water is now a dusty shade of gray and you’re left you’re wondering, “will you ever see the light again through this water?”

As a Lightworker and healer, I recognize when there is healing needed in others. My coaching hat comes on so frequently, I sometimes have to stop myself from diving into coaching someone else. But while I recognize the healing in others, it’s taken me a longer time to recognize the healing needed for myself. 

Recently, I have been working through some past pains and traumas just with myself, and I realized something profound: the healing has been coming in waves. 

It begins with a small acknowledgment. Something like asking myself, “Suki, why do you really do that?” Then I sit and I am honest with myself. I make an acknowledgement of something I do that I would like to change. This is the beginning of the wave. 

A week goes by, maybe two, maybe three, and a similar scenario comes up for me again. I push us aside and press on. The wave continues to build. Time goes on and once again I am confronted with something along this same theme. Maybe it’s something that makes me uncomfortable, maybe I recognize it in my body, this time I acknowledge it deeper. Tears begin to fall, I might sob or weep. It has to come out of my body, so I allow it to purge.

The wave is cresting.

Once it’s purged I feel a weight lift off my shoulders. Suddenly I realize the waves of healing I have been through

Lately I have been reading more about the different types of Lightworker and I found two types of Lightworker that I feel incredibly connected to: 

The first is Mintakans, the Lightworkers who once lived in a crystal blue ocean world and have come to earth to shed light and transform the consciousness. I have always been attracted to the ocean, the Clearer the water the more I need to be next to it. The other Lightworker type is Plaeidans. The pleiadians came to evolve in their own consciousness and in doing so, help the world. 

I truly believe I am here to do massive good, but it first and foremost begins with doing massive good in my own self. Healing is so important to the evolution of your being. 

If something is rising in you…let it rise, ride it out, feel the transformation. 

Main photo by Amber Richards.

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