March into Endo Awareness

by | Mar 1, 2012

176 million. That’s the number of women world wide living with endometriosis. It’s an invisible disease. It silently works through your organs shedding abnormal cells around your body. Then you wonder where the pain comes from, you start expecting the pain. But it shouldn’t have to be this way!

And that’s why I’m fighting for awareness and fighting for a cure. No longer should women-176 million women- have to suffer in silence.

The worst part about endometriosis is not just the pain- we can suffer through pain, we’re women after all- no, it’s the emotional roller coaster.

First you are fearing the unknown. Yours tears are stemmed in the deep rooted fears of the “what ifs” and “what will happen?” You follow your doctor’s advice and find yourself on the operating table, prepped for surgery. After surgery they tell you that you must now take severe drugs- drugs originally designed for cancer- to make the disease fully go away. But do they know it will go away or is this a guess? Do they know what side effects you will have or are they just hoping?

The truth is, like any disease without a cure, the doctor’s are just making an educated guess. They don’t really know and, unfortunately,a lot of the time they don’t really care.

So where does this leave the girl with endometriosis?

Scared and alone.

She feels the pain and scars on the inside but what’s worse is she starts to feel like a lab rat. The tests are never ending, the procedures are painful and invasive and soon she just loses all hope. A dark cloud settles around her.

But we must turn on the lights! We have to help each other be strong.

So please- for my sake- and for the sake of 176 million women world wide, support the fight to find the cure for endometriosis before it puts an end to all of us.

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