Monday Mantra: Clutter & Clarity

by | May 9, 2016

Monday Mantra

It began with a little water.

As I walked into our bedroom to pick up my sleeping baby I felt the water on my feet. Then stepping further into the room I looked around to see more water, then more.

Water in the bathroom, the bedroom, the hallway, the living room and in the back room too. Water everywhere! What is going on?

This past Friday we came to find out that a water pipe had broken in our house, flooding us with about a half an inch of water. Not the best news!

I’m usually a glass half full kind of girl but even this had me sitting there shaking my head. What was going on? What was the lesson here?

We packed up our stuff and hauled over to my mother’s house just in time for Mother’s Day. And although I thought I would be stressed and unhappy and worrying about the ruined and damaged things in our house, I spent the rest of the weekend in pure bliss.

Taking away the “things” made me realize how little I really needed these “things.” As long as I have the blessings of my family and friends around, the possessions seemed rather unimportant.

I realized the clutter and the attachment and the unnecessary things that were all over my home and how they have been stagnating my energy.

And so today’s Monday Mantra is:

“I am manifesting clarity, space, and structure to all of my affairs. I am attracting less possessions or “things” and more blessings.”

As the week goes on I hope to feel less overwhelmed with the clutter and more free in the clarity.

What’s your Monday Mantra? Comment below.


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