Songs That Totally Sound Like Other Songs

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This past weekend my friend came over and was telling me how the song Blurred Lines was totally stolen from this Marvin Gaye song from the 1970’s. I was skeptical at first but then I took a listen and…wow, that song is totally stolen, not that original in my mind anymore.

So I figured I would put together a list of songs that totally sound like other songs. These are songs I have come across over the years and I know some artists will say they were “influenced” by a certain song, but some of these are just too close to each other to feel influenced, might as well say borrowed or stolen.

Elephant by Tame Impala TOTALLY SOUNDS LIKE Uprising by Muse

If you ignore the rest of the song and just focus on the rhythm and baseline, you will find a strange similarity.

[youtube=] [youtube=]

E.T by Katy Perry TOTALLY SOUNDS LIKE All the things she said by T.A.T.U.

If you overlay the verses together and the staccato beat, the songs sound very similar.

Perry (or her writers) must have been listening to the

[youtube=] [youtube=]

Blurred Lines by Robin Thicke TOTALLY SOUNDS LIKE Got to give it up by Marvin Gaye

This one is going to court. The family of the deceased Marvin Gaye are suing Thicke, Pharrel, and T.I. for stealing the song including the beat, the style, and the lyrics. They do sound pretty darn close. What do you think?



Alejandro by Lady Gaga TOTALLY SOUNDS LIKE Don’t turn around by Ace of Base

The first time I heard Alejandro I thought it was another Ace of Base song. Oh the 90’s. I miss you.

[youtube=] [youtube=]

Best Song Ever by One Direction TOTALLY SOUNDS LIKE Baba O’Riley by The Who

Listen to the opening chords of both songs. Pete Townshend from The Who said about the One Direction song, “I like the single. I like One Direction. The chords I used and the chords they used are the same three chords we’ve all been using in basic pop music since Buddy Holly, Eddie Cochran and Chuck Berry made it clear that fancy chords don’t mean great music – not always. I’m still writing songs that sound like Baba O’Riley – or I’m trying to!”

[youtube=] [youtube=]

What other songs sound like other songs. List them in the comments.


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