The Awakening

by | Aug 23, 2013


I have been unable to write for the past few weeks.

It’s not that I don’t want to write. I love writing. It lives within me at all moments of the day. It is like an old friend that will always know my heart, completely.

But lately, it has been hard to write.

Today I am looking over a number of unpublished blog posts on this site. In each one, I was trying to say something. I was trying to process the experience I am going through.

But then I wondered, should I share it- or just experience it?

And then I also wondered- will people understand? Is it meant to be shared? Or savored?

Three weeks ago I started on a journey of self discovery. I knew it was going to take me and change me and spit me out a whole new human being. But I really didn’t expect it to change me so fully.

I have seen the world from a new perspective; the way the world turns, our connections with animals, and the wind, and the sun, and the moon, and each other, and the universe.

We are all connected.

It didn’t really take reiki, or meditation, or yoga to tell me that. I knew it already. But it did take me immersing myself in these ancient practices to start figuring it all out and slowly putting the pieces of the puzzle together.

Suddenly the pieces aren’t looking so blurry. They are making sense.

I am feeling awakened for the first time in my life. It was there all along. It was only asleep.

Our body and our minds need attention. You must focus attention on yourself. Save yourself first, understand your place in the bigger picture.

You are a beautiful, important, spiritual being. You deserve your own love.

When you get yourself healthier- then focus on the people, and creatures, and plants around you.

They deserve love.

Carry your heart with love. Shine nothing but positivity and blessings on all around you- even the lowly ant, or the tepid snake, or the poor beggar, or the first bloom of spring, or the WallStreet businessman, or the eagle flying high, or the tree ready to die, or the fish in the sea, or the artist, or the quiet librarian, or the person reading this post right now.

Treat each with respect. Radiate love and it will come back to you.

This is how the universe works.

And if you listen, you will hear it sing.


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  1. nakularora

    This is such a honest and beautiful post. I could really connect to it for there are so many posts lying in my own blog which i am yet to share/post for i went through the same dilemma and came out so much clearer and stronger. 🙂

    • sookton

      Thank you for your kind words. It has been quite a journey.


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