Suki’s Yay or Nay for Spring

by | Mar 20, 2010

When I was in high school I was the fashionista of the school newspaper.

I didn’t know I was the fashionista, I just knew that I would tell the high school crowd what was hot and what was not. It felt really good to be the ALL POWERFUL even though I knew that nobody really ready that piece of sh*t paper.

But ever since I was young I had a fascination with fashion magazines. I would try on my mother’s make up (heck I would wear it more than she did), strut around in my mom’s shoes and hold fashion shows with my friends.

I would coordinate the fashion shows: you go first, you wear thing, walk like this, move your hips like this, blow a kiss.

So this spring, on my new blog, I am going to unveil my yays and nays for spring fashion trends.

Without further ado, here it is:

1. Tie Dye Dresses: YAY

Hate on hippies all you like but they won’t hate on you. I think tie dye dresses on the beach are awesome. Don’t go overboard on the tie dye- there is a good balance. But something simple like this with your bikini underneath is a winner in my books.

2. Feathered Skirts: NAY

Unless you want to look like Big Bird this is not cute. No, no, no. Even Lady Gaga can’t pull this look off.

3. A Tailored Vest: NAY

It wasn’t cute in the 80’s, it’s not cute now.

4. Neutral Pumps: YAY

Yes! If Victoria Beckham gives her stamp of approval then so do I. Pumps are cute anyway but beige pumps? YES. Do it!

6. Gaga Hot Pants

Now this one is an iffy one. You don’t want to go out looking like a hooker. There is an art to pulling off these Gaga hot pants.


A. They have to be classy and tailored not trashy

B. If you have the legs show them off

C. Don’t wear them to your sister-in-law’s Bar Mitzvah

D. Beach bar = awesome. NYC bar = awesome. Hole in the Wall in Elkton = fail. Happy hour in the city = fail

6. Spartacus Shoes: NAY

I never liked em then I don’t like them now. We are not living under Julius Ceasar. Stop with this fashion. It is such a faux pas.

7. Flowery Dresses: YAY

Spring flowers are so beautiful- why not show them off on your body? Flowery dresses were awesome in the 70’s and they are awesome now. Show that sh*t off~

8.Ripped Jeans: NAY

Unless you are in the 9th grade please do not do this. Ripped jeans are trashy not classy. They just won’t do you any justice.

9. Cycling Shorts: NAY

Love you SJP….but no. Please no. This was horrible in the 80’s, please don’t continue this trend.

9. Jeans Jackets: YAY

Jeans jackets are super cute when you wear them right. Just like the Gaga shorts, the more fitted the jacket the better. Stay away from the ripped up, faded jackets- they just look trashy.

10. Nude make up: Yay

Natural and sexy. Looks like you rolled right out of bed, but you rolled out of bed looking sexy.

11. 50’s Hair: YAY

I always loved the glamor and beauty of the 1950’s so naturally I love that the trend has come back. Grab your curlers, curling irons and hair spray and jeuj it up!

12: Jumpsuits: NAY

You remember when one-pieces were cool? No? Probably because they never were. Please do not subject yourself to this faux pas.

13. Nude lipstick- not lipgloss: YAY

So I hear lipgloss is out and lipstick is in. I like this new nude/beige look. If you get the right color it can def look hot.

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  1. Laura

    Those Tie Dye Dresses are boho fun, but hippies are still the unicorns of our times.

    Brandi’s Jeans-Suede does not like.

    Why aren’t Bodysuits on the list??


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