The Manifesting Mantra That Brought Magic to My Door

by | Jun 28, 2017

Do you believe in magic? I do. That’s why I wanted to share with you this mantra that was channeled to me by the angels. I started repeating it on my Sunday evening walk with Lola and Mishka. Somehow it seemed to drift to me on the breeze. It instantly fell into my heart.

You see, the important steps in manifesting the life you desire are: Gratitude, attitude, releasing, and receiving. So when this mantra came to me I knew it was an important one.

What Is Your Attitude?

I will admit, over the past few weeks I have struggled with my attitude. I know I have a lot to be grateful for, but I kept wondering why can’t the change happen now? Why must I wait? How much more humble can I get? As more of these fear-based, negative thoughts came, I felt even more stuck. On this walk, the evening was just beautiful, the rays of purple and orange sun were sprawled across the sky and started to say:

“I Am Gracious. I Am Humble. I Am Grateful.”

Being gracious is defined as “being pleasantly kind, benevolent and courteous.” It is indeed being mindful, intentional, kind, generous. It is opening your heart in the likeness of God. Being gracious is to be full of GRACE. And this is hard nowadays in the world we live in.

Being humble does not mean to lower yourself or to not see yourself as worthy. Instead being humble is to ground yourself. It is to center yourself and allow others to approach you without hesitation. Even the most powerful Ascended Masters like the Buddha have humbled themselves, walked barefoot, experienced great hardships and yet not complained. Understanding your mortality, understanding your flesh, your bones, your body. That is humbling.

Being grateful is to take count of all you have; to sit with it and honor it and love it. My problem is I have so much and I spend time almost feeling drowned in my things, my possessions. Yesterday I experienced a great healing and I am committing to release some of the “things” so I can encourage more of the experience. As I am grateful for what I have, I attract more. Now I know I want less things and more good times; more travels, more adventures, more family time. And I am grateful for every person, every situation, and every encounter that has led me to where I am today. I am in gratitude and I am blissfully thankful.

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Magical Manifesting

Less than 48 hours after I began this mantra, a woman arrived at my door as a client. I know she was sent to me by the angels. She arrived as a client but within an hour, I realized that I was the client. The angels knew I have trouble asking to RECEIVE healing, so they sent me a healer disguised as a client (very sneaky). She spoke with me for hours but it felt like minutes and she hit the nail on the head with helping me overcome my challenges. She found these:

  • Clutter of the home = clutter of the mind
  • Not feeling worthy, not being perfect enough
  • Fear of money-making and receiving
  • Letting go of my past lives

After several hours together I feel very transformed. I am thanking the angels for giving me the gifts that I don’t even see; for guiding me when I am stubbornly not guiding myself ☺️☺️

We pulled this card for me from the Sacred Rebels Oracle Cards by Alana Fairchild. My connections to owls lately has been strong. Even more so the message:

Be the hunter, not the hunted Be the warrior, not the victim

Try this mantra today. See if it works for you in reminding you to be your truest, most authentic self. Let it assist you to tune into your soul. If you find yourself feeling uncertain, unclear, unhappy, unfulfilled turn to the mantra:

“I Am Gracious. I Am Humble. I Am Grateful.”







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