What I’m Digging: Moisturizer

by | Jul 9, 2011


There are two times during the year that my body is craving moisture: the winter and the summer.

In the summertime I totally dry out and my face and body are as dry as the sahara. That’s when I need a super moisturizer to step in and do the job right.

Having said that, my face can get super oily if I’m not careful.

That’s where Sue Devitt steps in. Her moisturizer contains seaweed and other natural extracts that hydrate without making my face over oily. It’s amazing really and I can never say enough great things about her skin care products.

Just to show you how great Sue Devitt here I am sans make up.


All I did was use the Sue Devitt cleanser and moisturizer. Try it out at your local Macy’s.

Also all over body slathering check out the new line of bath and bodyworks lotions. I smell like a field of summery flowers and feel soft as silk.

Check them out.

And remember: sun block is just as important as moisturizer!


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