6 Rules To Keep Off the Holiday Pounds

by | Nov 21, 2012

The holiday pounds. Those awful pounds that creep up on you over the dinner table and stick with you till the spring. One minute you are enjoying a nice platter of food, and the next, your pants won’t fit.

But help is on the way.

This holiday, I vow to protect you from those holiday pounds (at least some of them), if you only heed my advice.

Here are ten tested rules to avoid the holiday pounds.


Rule Number 1: Cardio Bust ‘Em
Everyone knows cardio is the quickest way to burn fat. Just remember, it doesn’t help over night. If you commit to cardio (in any form from running to ice skating to Wii dancing) and you commit to three to four times a week for an hour, you will see results in the long run. So for every fatty side you put on your plate, mentally commit to one more mile at the gym or three more dances on the Wii with the fam.

Rule Number 2: Glug Glug Not Chug Chug
There’s enough calories on the Thanksgiving table without adding invisible calories (Like wine, beer, or egg nogg). Limit your drinkable calories (even orange juice, soda, and apple cider are filled with unnecessary sugar) and instead opt for water. Drink a glass before you eat, then sip the water in-between bites. It will do wonders for that waistline. And it’s also great for your skin!

Rule Number 3: Use a Smaller Plate
Does size really matter? It does when it comes to plates! The smaller the plate, the less of a chance you will over stuff yourself. Just remember not to go back for thirds, as that would be the same as having a big plate!


Rule Number 4: Go Green
Does your plate look like 50 shades of brown? Turkey, mash, cornbread, mac ‘n cheese, ham? Boring. Why not add a little green? The more colorful your plate is, the more balanced of a meal you are getting. Fiber and vitamin C are some of the most vital nutrients for digestion. So go ahead, add another scoop of green beans, kale, or salad.

Rule Number 5: Walk It Out
If you feel the urge to go for plate number two or another slice of dessert, go outside instead! Studies show a brisk walk aids digestion and can definitely help you combat those holiday pounds. One nutritionist I spoke to suggests even taking a walk before your meal as a way to keep your metabolism up.

Rule 6: Take a Chill Pill
Does stress lead to eating more? You bet! Stress eating or comfort eating is a very large part of over eating. The holidays are a very stressful time, and what with family get-togethers going sour, people screaming political or religious fanaticism, frantic cooking all day and night, and money problems, it’s no wonder you are feeling the stress! But just remember what this holiday is all about and that is thankful. Thankful that you have a crazy family (instead of no family at all), thankful that you have a warm meal to enjoy (instead of sleeping hungry tonight), and thankful that you have a roof over your head and a warm meal (instead of finding a place to close your eyes under a bridge).

If you follow these rules, and take on healthy lifestyle choices today and every day, you are sure to keep off some of those holiday pounds.

Now if only I can stick to them.

Good luck.

And Happy Thanksgiving!!



  1. amydewbrie

    I definitely could have done with reading this a couple of weeks ago….defo piled on some pounds! great blog by the way

    • sookton

      I barely listened to my own advice. Hello holiday pounds! Glad you like the blog. I need to try to update more often.


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