An Ode to Overindulgence

by | Jan 21, 2011

We are set up to fail.
The American way,
Of Hand Burger Helper,
And fries with Old Bay.

It can’t be a little,
It must be a lot,
And why add more
Sugar to what you just got?

The plates are just huge,
And the options are vast
Everything is fried,
Oily, salty and fast.

And it taste so good,
With a beer or a coke,
And it’s 15 more cents,
Wow this must be a joke.

The holidays are planned
Around another huge meal.
And you eat so much food
You almost become ill.

No one stops to tell you,
That down every aisle,
Is food that will kill you,
If you give it a while.

So stop it right now,
You can do it yourself
Leave all those indulgences
Back on the shelf.

Spend more time enjoying
The food that you eat,
And don’t reach for another
Sweet, sugary treat.

Break the cycle America,
I know that you can.
We are one great country,
When we don’t just expand.


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