Hello, my name is Suki.

And I’m a sugar addict.

It began the first time I tasted Coca-Cola. They called me Coca-Cola baby. If I could have had it in my baby bottle, I would have requested it.

The bubbles, the sugary goodness, I was instantly hooked.

Even to this day when I drink a Coca-Cola (which is not often) I remember just how wonderful it tastes.

I was a lucky child because I had a very high metabolism. I was the scrawny one with nobly knees. I could eat pretty much anything I wanted, though I never had much of an appetite.

But I did have quite an appetite for sweets.

Do you remember these?


Yes, I was addicted too all of those.

When my father went away on a business trip, or my grandmother would visit from London, they would buy me a big back of sweets and I would just be in heaven.

Back then I didn’t think much of this addiction.

My aunties would joke that I had a “sweet tooth.”

And even though my teeth began to suffer, I went about my ways of eating sugar to my hearts content until…..

I turned 27. And my metabolism had enough.

Sugar, I then found out, was not just going to sit around and not start showing its ugly ways.

It’s a love affair that has brought me up and brought me crashing down.

When I turned 27 I began to gain weight. I would go up and I would go down. Then I just started going up without ever coming down.

And as much as I could blame it on underlying diseases, the truth is my addiction to sugar was taking its toll. The cravings for sugar go along with what I suspect is an insulin resistance that I have not been formally diagnosed with.

Today I am facing another sugar intervention.

My sugary ways have led me (once again) to the dentist’s chair and there I will be tortured for several hours getting a root canal.

All because I just couldn’t escape it’s clutches over the years.

So today I rid my body of this toxin (through a sugar detox) and begin a way of eating that involves less sugar, and more healthy me.

You can follow along here at www.sookton.com.