How Mantras Changed My Life

by | Feb 7, 2018

A mantra is “a word or sound repeated to aid concentration in meditation.”


Did you know that everything – and I mean literally everything – is vibration? This is a revelation I had while diving deep into a mantra that shifted my entire being.

The mantra was Om. Mani. Padme. Hum. The literal meaning is, “Om, jewel in the lotus, hum.” The actual meaning runs much deeper. But imagine if your heart was a lotus flower, and the more you opened your heart, the more you saw the pure joy, bliss, compassion, love, enlightenment, divine spirit that lay within.

It is said if you chant this mantra even ONCE, you can transform the dharma of your being and every living thing that your words touch.

And it was one day that I was chanting this – completely mindlessly just singing it over and over again – that I actually understood the mantra.

Listening to that mantra, it was literally like a bolt of lightening hit me and tears in my eyes I reach to the heavens with, “I understand! I understand.” The joy, the peace, the bliss, the happiness I was seeking outside, was sitting like a perfectly polished pearl on the INSIDE of me.

Mantras and Magic…


If I could work to shift my vibration – my energy, my chi, my soulful spirit – then I could work to change my environment, my manifestations and my world.


So I went about on this amazing new journey of basically THROWING myself into mantra. Like, I know a bazillion mantras and how to use them for the right reasons. 

As you learn you must pass on your knowledge. So I am offering this amazing free mini class tonight on Mantra and Magic – Wednesday, February 7 at 8 pm EST on my Facebook page. 

In this class I want to teach you:

  • Why you should even give AF about mantras.
  • How these mantras totally changed my life.
  • And offer you a SNEAK PEAK of my Online Course MANTRAS and MAGIC coming in March.RSVP here and then head over to my Facebook page to catch the replay.Keep chanting,


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