Go Home and Love Your Family

by | Nov 5, 2021

“What can you do to promote world peace? Go home and love your family.” – Mother Theresa

Let’s get one thing clear: I love my family. Travel with me to a Saturday morning in South Florida.

We are standing bare foot in the grass by a small pond. I look around the beauty of this morning. The leaves are lush and green, the birds are chirping and yet there is something even more beautiful than this sight…the view of my husband staring lovingly into our child’s eyes.

I met Robert in 2003 at a college party. I still remember those honest eyes. All these years later and I still find myself in awe that we have a child. The most amazing gift: a beautiful little girl named Mishka.

We took Mishka’s newborn pictures eight days after she arrived on this earth and she was just such a natural in front of the camera. I knew I wanted to get some more professional pictures but I also just wanted her to grow and bloom.

So here finally at eight months we came across this awesome couple who owned a photography company named Stories to Remember Photography. They offered us an amazing package to take family portraits. I knew I didn’t want something cheesy and when I saw their photography I knew they would understand our story and capture it well.

Family photoshoot

A Simple Love Story

Our story is one of love. It all started when a boy met a girl. A chance meeting at a smokey college party. The chemistry between us was electric. We dated for eight years before we got married and then we enjoyed the marriage for three years before we had a baby. A baby completely created in love, nurtured in love, and wrapped up in peace.

I meditated and practiced yoga throughout my whole pregnancy. I sang to Mishka and talked to her and welcomed her into the world with spiritual thoughts and soul nourishment long before she arrived. Because I believe the baby needs you from the minute the soul arrives in your belly.

Suki & Rob family photoshoot

She is so loved and she is so peaceful. That’s because we love to maintain a peaceful home. Our peaceful home is one of many peaceful homes in this world. Together we can create a peaceful world by practicing peace within ourselves and passing peace on to our children.

Stories to Remember Photographers are Lee and Kimberly a couple from Miami. They immediately made us feel at ease and comfortable.

Robert was a little grumpy to be up and out in the Florida sun so early in the morning but as soon as we got out into nature and got to kissing and cuddling all the grouchiness subsided. What was left was just pure love. This man. I can’t explain our love. And I am one of many words.

In fact, I tend to be the person that could write novels without getting to the point. I am flighty and feathery and fluffy and my writing is like slow and laborious poetry. But when it comes to this man. I have no words. So I will let Rumi describe it…

“If you find me not within you, you will never find me.For I have been with you, from the beginning of me.”

– Rumi

Suki & Rob Family photoshoot Family photoshoot Suki & Rob (39 of 99) Suki & Rob (42 of 99)

Everyday I am thankful for this family. I love them oh so very much. The only missing component was Lola – our most loving and loyal dog. She is just as much a part of this family and we all kept commenting on how it felt to have Lola missing.

Suki & Rob Suki & Rob (65 of 99)

“[Your] task is to raise yourself into the most awakened and present individual you can be. The reason this is central to good parenting is that children don’t need our ideas and expectations, or our dominance and control, only for us to be attuned to them with our engaged presence.” – The Conscious Parent

Suki & Rob Suki & Rob (81 of 99) Suki & Rob (96 of 99)

In Gratitude

Thank you so much Stories to Remember Photography. Thank you Rob for your love. Thank you Mishka for blessing me and choosing me as your mommy. Thank you Lola for loving me unconditionally everyday.

My heart is full. 


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