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by | Aug 10, 2011

Scouring the blogosphere I came across this little challenge on It’s Just Jess’s blog:

What a great idea!

And since I have been suffering from a mild case of blogger’s block (don’t worry it’s not contagious) I figured, why not give it a try?

Day 1 – Ten Secrets

[One] I’m a Hopeless Romantic

Photo: Paul Patton

Ok, so maybe that wasn’t such a secret. But I have to admit that I love romance.

Last week I planned a secret date for the Boo. I called him up from work.

“Where are we going?” He said. “I can’t tell you- it’s a secret. Be ready at 4 o’clock,” I replied. Click.

So I whisked us off on a romantic ’50’s style date. (Another quite obvious not-secret is my love and admiration for all things ’50’s). Our date included the classic 50’s shenanigans: a jukebox, a diner (where we had our first date), cheeseburgers, milk shakes and fries. This was all followed up with a night of bowling and movies. I don’t think it get’s more 50’s than that.

When he asked “why did you plan this?” I simply said: “because.”

[Two] I Don’t Really Like Vampires

While people are literally stabbing themselves with a stake through the heart to watch the latest True Blood or Vampire Diaries or Twilight, I really have no interest in it. It’s not that I have never been into vampires, it’s just that I outgrew them when Angel left Buffy and set out on his own TV show (which I watched for like a nano second).

I also have an intense (and I mean intense) phobia of bats.Yuuuuggghh. Those winged, blood-sucking creatures of the night just completely bug me out. And the sounds of their wings flapping makes me want to barf.

Did I tell you about the time a bat came flying at me and almost got stuck in my hair? Oh yeah. Terrifying. Can’t talk about it. Must regress

So yeah, vampires aren’t sexy to me*. Neither are leaches or bats or any other blood sucking creature. I like my blood damn it! It’s my life essence.

* The only exception to this was Angel- and that was because I was a hormonal, nerdy teeny-bopper.

[Three] I Never Wear Matching Socks

One will always get lost in the wash. What’s the point?

[Four] When I Was a Kid I Use to:

– Play hairdresser (ask my cousins)

– Direct fashion shows + model in them

-Write and direct plays that would be put on for the family

– Write and edit my own magazine

– Practice the Moon Walk as I stared at my gazillion Michael Jackson posters

* * I think some things never change because I STILL love all of these things * *

[Five]Let’s Talk About Sex

I believe sex is a healthy part of any intimate relationship. The stronger the love, the better the sex. The clearer the lines of communication, the better the sex. Our bodies have a funny way of telling us “things are good” or “this is not a good situation.” Always listen to your instincts.

Also- I don’t believe that you can be “friends with benefits” or have a “no-strings attached” relationship. Emotions are going to get involved, no matter how hard you try. Have you known any of these “friendships” to last?

[Six] I’ve Always Wanted a Baby


Seriously, since the times of Dumbo and Bambi. Even when I was still a child I wanted a child. I would imagine what it would be like to be mom and pack school lunches and comb my daughter’s hair. I still remember that scene from Dumbo when Mrs. Jumbo rocks Dumbo back and forth in her arms. To this day it still brings a tear to my eye. I’ve never had a baby, but I can’t imagine a more beautiful experience.  I hope, with all my heart, I can experience the beauty of motherhood someday.

[Seven] I’m a Very Slow Reader

Actually, I had a problem reading for the longest time. I was much more of a TV addict than a reader when I was a child, and I think that still holds true. So how does someone who is not a bookworm go on to become a writer? Psh. Beats me! All I know is that I was always an inventor, a story-teller, a maker-upper of things, a dreamer living in the land of pretend. So making stuff up came naturally to me. Reading on the other hand? Not so much. And to this day it takes me a while to get through a good book. But when I finally get to that last page, I’m glad I pushed through.

[Eight] I Won’t Let Anxiety Conquer Me

Since the age of ten I have suffered from severe panic attacks and an anxiety disorder that took me to the doors of hell and back. If you have ever had a panic attack, you know that it is one of the worst feelings…ever! The world collapses and you feel like you are dying as your palms sweat, your heart races, you break into a cold sweat, your stomach is doing back flips and your mouth goes completely dry. Somewhere between the rapid heartbeat and the dry mouth you realize you have lost all control of your breathing and spin into hyperventilation station. By the end of it all you lay there like a sack of potatoes wondering what in the hell just happened to you.


The good news, my friends, is that anxiety IS controllable and you don’t have to suffer with these attacks for the rest of your life.

The answer is not drugs (although for some people this is really a very wise option). The answer is your own brain.

Believe it or not I have discovered that these anxiety attacks are brought on by my own though process.

There’s a reason why I harp on about positive thinking all over this blog and, believe me, it is not because I have been visiting with the fairies and smoking too much of the Jerry Garcia-ness. It is because without the positive thinking I can slip, quite easily, back into the land of black.

Once your brain engages with a negative thought it is very easy to start thinking of the next negative thought, and then the next one and then the next one and then the next. Thus begins the spiral into your darkest of thoughts until you finally reach the thought that is scaring you the most. This moment is when full-blown panic sets in and then there is no stopping the attack from taking over.

The key is to stop this train of thought before it starts. I don’t care if you have to distract yourself by doing hand stands in the middle of Time Square- do what you have to do to stop this anxiety dead in its tracks. Distraction, distraction, distraction!

Through distraction techniques, yoga, eating healthy, breathing right and surrounding myself with positive things, I think I have conquered my anxiety for now. The attacks have ceased and though I still suffer some anxiety, I know I can completely conquer it, one step at a time.

[Nine] I Rock Out on the Guitar…Hero That Is

I wish I had those guitar skills in real life. MAD skills! I seriously love playing RockBand and just jamming out on the guitar. Beatles RockBand? Heavenly.

[Ten] My Inner Ballerina


I have done ballet for over 10 years and even danced for a few years since college. When left to my own devices I can be found prancing and pirouetting around the kitchen and living room. Everyone has their release and for me that release is ballet. Whenever I dance I feel so completely at ease and at one with myself.

It’s been a few months since I danced and I think I will go back to it. It truly is one of my passions.

As the years have gone on I have incorporated yoga into my regime and, just like with ballet, I feel completely at ease. It’s weird but I feel like when I move my body I feel closer to God. Perhaps ballet and yoga will be a winning combination for me? I guess I’ll have to wait and see.

And so now that you know some of my secrets, what are some of yours? Reveal them below.


  1. Jessica

    The fact you always wear mismatching socks freaks me out ;-P But this blog is a cool idea. I look forward to the other ones.

  2. Jessica

    BY blog, I mean challenge.


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