I’m Putting Fear on Time Out

by | Feb 11, 2018

It’s Time Out Time for Fear

This morning I pulled a card from my Earth Magic oracle card deck and it said “RIVER…MOVEMENT.” I read the book staring at the beautiful card in my hand.

It said, “Surrender to the movement of life, be grateful, and you will see the signs along the shore and in the river itself that offer you clues about what direction your egoless Self is to be making.”

Enjoying the Ride

This year I have been learning how many decisions I make based in fear.

Reading this card today was confirmation to me…I need to not just go with the FLOW, I need to flow in the flow. I need to enjoy the ride and stop worrying about the outcome. As I embrace my true Self..my Soul…I will always be lead the right way.

So today I say, NO MORE. I am putting FEAR On a time out. 


I’m telling FEAR to kick the curb. Because this year I am attracting:

  • Infinite possibilities and abundant opportunities
  • A badAss overflowing bank account
  • A new car AND a new house
  • A chance to live my dream life with my family, that I know I deserve.

Will You Join Me?


Are you joining me? Will you put FEAR on time out? If so, write a comment on my Facebook pageInstagram page, or Tweet me and say “Suki I’m #PuttingFearonTimeOut.”

Check out some of the things I am up to below.

Keep living FEARLESSLY.
Love and light,


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