Overcoming Blogger’s Block and Thinking of the Beach

by | Apr 6, 2010

Blogger’s block. It has a hold on me.

I have about 5 posts that I have written that I have refused to post because I just don’t think they are good enough. As a writer you spend much of your time analyzing and over analyzing your own writing. Is it good enough? I think it sucks. Do you like it? I think its terrible. All writers are their own worst critics. But really, they probably aren’t that bad.

So I want to ask YOU, my reader, what would you like me to post about next?

1. Racism

2. My childhood/unleashing the child within

3. Earth Day

4. Becoming a locavore and the importance of eating local

5. My favorite Facebook statuses of all time.

Please post a comment and let me know. It will really help me unblock myself and ensure me that all my writing is not a filthy piece of trash.

So anyway- what a beautiful week it has been. Full of sunshine, a cool breeze, the birds are chirping and the butterflies are swooping around the grass! This weather really makes me look forward to the summertime and going to the beach.

It got me thinking about the best beaches I have been to.

A great beach is not only a result of the clear water and the soft, white sand, but it also has to do with the people! People can make or break a beach.

Now I really haven’t been to that many beaches. There are still some I am dreaming of laying on, sprawled on a towel with a cool smoothie in my hand. So I decided to compile of best beaches I have personally been to, please comment and let me know the best beaches you have been to…so that I can mark it on my list of places to go before I die.

Best Beaches I Have Been To

1. Mombasa – South Coast, Kenya

Imagine the bluest water, the soft fluffy sand and the swaying palm trees. In the distance you can see the camels walking up and down the beach, led by a red cloth-clad Maasai. This is the scene at the beautiful south coast (also known as Diani) in Kenya. I couldn’t do a list without including the beach of my home country. My family would drive up to Mombasa at least once a year, every year, from the time I was a tot.

Bonus points: Ask for a madafu, its a baby coconut. You can drink the juice right on the beach as the sun beats down on you. Also the water in the Indian Ocean is ridiculously warm, you never have to be scared of stepping in. Also bonus bonus points, because of the reef there is no risk of shark attack or any other big sea creatures in the water.

Down side: The beach boys. The minute you step foot on the beach you will be bombarded by a group of half naked men asking you to buy this, and buy that and go on this glass bottom boat, or go snorkling. And no none of it is free. And yes you will tell them to bugger off, but guess what? It is not going to work. So you just have to learn to deal with them. They are incredibly pesky and will get on your nerves. But it is a small price to pay.

2. Bondi Beach – Sydney, Australia

I had the pleasure of going to Bondi Beach in Aussie in the “summer” of 2005. I went with a great group of people on a University of Delaware study abroad. The water was blue and warm, the sand was fluffy and white and the people- the people were amazing.

Bonus points: The PEOPLE! Great folks on the beach, everyone is incredibly friendly and everyone has some hot bodies. Aussies are generally very friendly so don’t hesitate starting up a conversation. Which reminds me, Bondi can be a topless beach (if you dare), so were were chuckling away at all the topless women wondering about. There are kiosks right by the beach were you can go get some yummy food.

Down side: It is Australia so PLEASE put on the sun block. I am serious, we had to lather up with lotion every 10 minutes. And the few of us that did not got severely burnt. You do not want to pay for your day on the beach for the rest of your life. Put on the sun block- everywhere, even on your ears and head.

3. Clearwater Beach – Clearwater, Florida

I’ve been to Clearwater twice in my life and it is a BEAUUUUUUUTY. It’s not a beach for people that love the waves because it is really more of a bay. But the water is literally crystal clear and you can see your toes! Rob actually picked up a crab from the water it was that clear.

Exhibit A: crab

There are restaurants, bars and activities all around the beach. It is really more of a family beach though. But beautiful all the way. A must see. Also a short taxi ride away there are national parks with some of the most beautiful beaches in the world in St. Petersburg.

Bonus points: It’s just so damn clear! Very peaceful and serene. You won’t even think about the pool.

Down sides: Depends on the time of year. We were unfortunate to go around ‘love bug’ season. Sounds romantic? It is not. Love bugs are these really annoying bugs that spend the entire time you are there mating, and flapping about once in a while smacking you in the face. Also if you go in the wrong season there are biting flies that will bite up your legs on the beach- no fun.

4. Oriental Bay – Wellington, New Zealand

This is by no means the most beautiful beach in New Zealand, unfortunately I did not have the privilege of visiting more of this amazing country. But when I did find my way down to Oriental Bay…wow how relaxing. Oriental Bay is actually a man-made beach right in the city of Wellington, NZ. All around you are houses on the most steep cliffs you have ever seen. It reminded me a lot of how I would imagine California to look (at that point I had never been to Cali). A lot of the houses have cable cars because that is the only way you can get up to them.

Bonus Points: An escape from the city without having to go too far. Most amazing sunsets. Very quaint.

Down sides: Not much sand, not much waves but great views.

5. Assateague Beach and Chincoteague Island – Virginia

I don’t know if it was because I was there for a wedding, or if it was the wild ponies, but what a great place. Assateague is one of the only places in the U.S. where you will find wild horses running around the beach. According to their website: “Some people believe that theĀ wild poniesof Assateague arrived on Assateague Island when a Spanish galleon cargo ship (with a cargo of horses) sank off the coast and the horses swam to shore. Others believe the wild horses arrived there via early colonial settlers. Recently in 1997, a Spanish shipwreck was discovered off Assateague Island, which lends credit to the first theory. In any event, the ponies have become well adapted to the seashore ecosystem where they feed on saltmarsh cordgrass, dune grasses, bayberry twigs, rosehips, and persimmons.”

Bonus Points: The dunes are great, the waves are high and don’t forget to snap some pictures of those ponies.

Down sides: No food in walking distance, either bring your own or get back in the car. No palm trees either.

6. Hollywood Beach, Florida

This place has something for everyone. A beautiful beach, great waves, warm water. And the people. WOW. We literally saw a gay guy in a neon green thong, jogging down the boardwalk. I am not kidding! Hollywood beach is great for people watching, great cheap food on the boardwalk, and fun nightlife.

Bonus points: Everything you need in one location!

Down sides: This is not South Beach, you will not be staying in a resort, you will be staying in a cute villa.

7. South Beach – Miami, Florida

I have to say wow. And not just the beach- the people! Some of the hottest bodies in the world are laying on this beach. Just a few steps away are some of the best restaurants in the world, some of the coolest clubs and some of the most fancy boutiques. You must go to South Beach once in your life. Just to say you have been.

Bonus Points: Celebrity sightings.

Down sides: If you don’t have the body of a former Miss U.S.A you may feel a little insecure. Whatever! We aren’t all meant to look like sticks.

8. Rehoboth Beach – Rehoboth, Delaware

People really underestimate Delaware. Rehoboth Beach boardwalk was recently rated one of the best boardwalks in the country. I have to say the first time I came to the beach in Delaware I hated it. But why did I hate it? Because I was comparing it to Mombasa, Kenya. Its not in the same league at all, but what it is- is a great place to get away. Any type of restaurant you are looking for you will find. The people are friendly and fun. The water is nice (although it can be cold at times) and the beach is fluffy. Rehoboth is also well known as being one of the only gay friendly beaches in the east coast.

Bonus points: Tax free shopping, ice cream, family friendly, gay friendly and great boardwalk.

Down side: Traffic can be a little hectic. Some families can be a little obnoxious. Also- like I said, the water can be a little chilly at times.

8. Ocean City Beach – Ocean City, Maryland

There is so much to do in Ocean City Maryland. You are just surrounded by shops, restaurants, bars, clubs, a boardwalk. Loads of fun. We particularly like to lay back with some ‘Dirty Bananas’ at Seacrets. The beach is also quite nice, very similar to Rehoboth.

Bonus points: A wide variety of people both young and old. Fun fun fun in the sun.

Down sides: Traffic lights! Stop, start, stop, start. It is a long, long way down to the boardwalk!


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