Spiritual Ritual: Inviting the Joy

by | Nov 5, 2018

When you invite joy into your life, it expands.

That’s what I have been learning over the past few months. I spent a good chunk of this year fighting and fighting and wishing and hoping and then something miraculous happened…I just let go.

Earlier in the year I was introduced to the teachings of a wonderful spiritual teacher, Esther Hicks. I started reading her books and listening to her on YouTube. After all these years dabbling with the Law of Attraction, I finally began to truly understand it – to EMBODY it – with the help of some Earth Angel friends.

It turns out that manifestation and harnessing what you truly desire is not that complicated after all. What it really came down to was something simple: feeling good. The energy of JOY expands. So when we focus on what feels good, rather than what feels bad, we attract more of the good.

Luxury and Recognizing Your Divine Worth


In my life I have spent many years rejecting pleasure or luxury. That all changed this year when I was sent on an all expenses paid vacation to Los Angeles. To be clear, it wasn’t really a vacation – I was working when I was out there – but in my mind, it was exactly what I had been praying for. This was the beginning of me letting go and inviting the joy.

While in LA, I was put up in a fancy Beverly Hills hotel room with Angel paintings on the walls. I treated myself to a fancy hairdo and a brand new dress and high heels. I walked down Rodeo Drive feeling like a million bucks, people stopped and stared at me. For a moment, I felt that rush of stardom. And I realized…wow, this is what it feels like to shine. This is what it feels like to accept JOY and pleasure in. 

Spiritual Practice: Invite the Joy

Every morning, I do something that feels joyful. It might be as simple as writing an affirmation, or sipping my tea slowly on the floor, or writing in my journal, or doing a card reading. But I begin my day with Joy.

Will you implement this simple ritual? Will you begin the day by inviting the joy?

I also shifted my mindset to one of LUXURY. I started changing my beliefs on “deservingness” and what I deserve. In the past, I used to have a false belief that rich people were greedy. I used to have a false belief that charging vast amounts of money was evil or would hurt people. I have changed these beliefs, they are simply not true. What you FOCUS upon expands.

Try this Meditation to Remove Money Blocks.


You will find the more you focus on JOY, abundance, love, and alignment, the more you will notice all these qualities FLOWING in your life and into every facet of your being.

In love and light,


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