3 Reasons Traveling is Good for Your Soul

by | Aug 20, 2018

I grew up in Nairobi, Kenya…

It’s a beautiful multi-cultural town rich with history and heritage. My parents were world travelers with a taste for adventure, so several times a year we would pack up our stuff and get on a plane, or a bus, or a train and go somewhere exploring. Our favorite place was Mombasa, a coastal town with Arabic influences on the Indian Ocean. Or we would fly to London to see my mother’s family and make a stop to see the changing guards at Buckingham Palace. The more we travelled the more I knew instantly: I want to keep traveling the rest of my life.

I believe traveling is good for your soul. 

There is something magical about going to a foreign land and being the odd one out. There is something humbling about being among strangers. There is something awakening about learning from different cultures and peoples and highly cherished lands.

Here are five reasons why traveling is good for your soul…

The Beauty of Getting Lost

Exploring the mangroves in Key Largo

Next time you travel, try this one game I play: take one day and don’t have a plan. Don’t wake up and say “I’m going to do this, or I am going to do that. Instead just get on a bus, or jump in a taxi and tell the driver to take you somewhere beautiful. It’s incredibly freeing to get lost. When I was visiting the nestled little town of Wellington in New Zealand, I spent a lot of time “getting lost.” This was my little adventure time. I would go to different parts of the town and just get lost wondering the streets. What did I find when I got lost? Yummy restaurants, cute little boutique stores, and most of all I found my need to control things.

Wellington, New Zealand…my favorite beach in NZ

The soul wants to flow, and swim and be at ease. When you get lost, you relinquish your power of control and instead just swim along waiting to find your next big adventure.

Learn About Yourself

In Islamorada one of my favorite places in the world

As you travel, meet new people, and see new places let the newness of it all wash over you. Watch when you feel comfortable and when you feel uncomfortable. When we feel uncomfortable, there is usually a deeper lesson we must learn. Traveling uncovers truths within you…it takes away your security blanket and exposes you. You can be in the most beautiful place in the world, and still feel small, scared, and alone. These are the moments to tune in and listen to your soul. What does this teach me about myself? How can I overcome this feeling and recognize the strength of my soul?

Meet Like-Minded Souls

I believe when you set out on a new adventure, the Universe conspires to introduce you to some awesome people along the way…but you MUST be open to meeting them. When I went to Australia and New Zealand on study abroad I met so many beautiful human beings – both part of and not part of our group. It was an experience because it made me realize something higher than myself was at play. How did all these Earth Angels keep popping into my life? On the train, in the bus, no matter where I went I was always introduced to sweet, caring souls. No matter how big this world is, we can always learn that we are all the same. While you should always be cautious when traveling, don’t shut yourself off from meeting new friends. There are good people everywhere, just be open to meeting them on your travels.

Want to Travel More?

If your soul is yearning to travel more but you don’t know where to start, here are a couple of options:

  1. Do Your Research – start reading up about places, people and lands that fascinate you. Don’t worry about where the money will come from or how it will happen, let the Universe be your guide.
  2. Attend an event like the Travel Expo on May 11, 2019 in Los Angeles. Discover exciting new tastes, traditions, adventures, activities, and languages. Join industry leaders, influencers, travelers, tour operators, and representatives from around the world for a one-day event that will change your perspective and elevate your next travel experience.
  3. Pick the place and write it down – once you have your heart set on where you will travel to, write it down and put a date on it. This act alone is so powerful and allows the Universe to know your true intentions.

Whatever you do, stay safe, soak it in, and enjoy the soul-inspiring travel that lies ahead of you!



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