I Can’t Afford It: Try This to Shift Your Money Mindset

by | Feb 25, 2021

“I can’t afford it !” These are the words I would use over and over again when it came to making big investments in myself or my business. I always thought, “man I would love to sign up for that program. I would love to take that trip. I would love to buy those shoes; but I Just. CAN’T. AFFORD. IT.”

Shifting Though Patterns

Then one day I decided to shift my thought patterns around money. What would happen if I took the leap? What would happen If I made an investment in myself or my business? Even though I believed I couldn’t afford it, what if I did it anyway just to see what would happen? Something magical happened!

Investing in Yourself

As soon as I invested in that high ticket coach I didn’t think I could afford, I received a call from a potential client. She loved me and signed right up. All the money I had just spent on the coach came right back to me instantlyIt was if the Universe was saying YES YOU BELIEVED IN YOURSELF, you could always afford it! Well done!

Changing the Inner Dialogue

Instead of saying “I am broke” or “I can’t afford it” begin shifting your inner dialogue to the place you desire to be. Try instead saying, “ I am affluent” and “ I can always afford it.” These are much more powerful terms!

For me what I was really saying when I said “ I can not afford it”, it was “ I am going to hold myself back.” Or “ I can not see how that can happen, so I do not believe in myself.”

Maybe it is time to take a leap  and dive into it? Imagine if you envisioned yourself like you were already there…



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