Spiritual Teacher

by | Mar 19, 2015

“I have been sent to spread light, share wisdom, and show people that the true path to enlightenment lies only through¬† LOVE.”¬† – Suki


  1. Delora Clemons

    I want to learn more about the spiritual teachings you believe in. I need balance in my life. My goal is to be a millionaire and to reach out to others and become more personable. I want to break free from what others might think of me and be able to produce financial security for my two daughters so that they won’t have to be as strong as I feel I need to be.

    • Sookton

      Hi Delora, I understand completely. It is hard to balance our spiritual path with the mundane day-to-day responsibilities. I offer one-one-one spiritual awakening counseling. I think you would really love it! Send me an email: sookton@yahoo.com if you are interested, or just click on the https://www.sookton.com/contact/ to learn more.


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