Visualizing Success 

by | Jan 26, 2016


I’m standing in a floral dress with ridiculously high heels on. My hair is perfectly done. For once my nails are painted and don’t look half chipped. Around me my friends and family are laughing and chatting, I can feel their love and support but it doesn’t stop me from nervously wiping my sweaty palms on the brand new dress. 

In my hand I’m carrying a book. One that I never thought I would see, let alone be able to touch and hold. 

It’s my book, a book I spent months working on. A book that has been years in the making. 

Today is the day of my book launch. Today is the day I live my dream. 

None of the above has actually happened (yet). It is simply a visualization that I had two summers ago lying in the office of my favorite hypnotist. 

He asked me to imagine the day of my book signing. We were working on techniques to help me overcome my block of becoming a published author. I could write for magazines, websites and even build my own blogging empire, but somehow I still had a fear of being published. 

I imagined that day- the day of my book launch- all the way down to the shoes. Peachy pink, open toe shoes with a sling back.

Now two years later I’m a month away from my book launch party. The dream that seemed so far away is now close enough for me to feel it; to swim and bask in this glorious energy. 

And it makes me think about the power of the mind. How powerful it is to tell yourself that not only will things work out, but that you will be successful, and abundant and prosperous. 

And that you will accomplish your dreams. Perhaps you may even surpass them. 

My book, She Loved Herself, which is a collection of stories by some powerful and inspiring women, ended up making the top 10 best sellers for digital download on Amazon. 

And now I’m standing at the precipice, waiting to walk into that book launch party surrounded by my family and friends. 

I just have to find those shoes. 


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