5 Spiritual Ways to Handle Mercury Retrograde

by | Sep 1, 2016

Each time Mercury goes into retrograde I end up getting my butt kicked…

Everything that can go wrong does go wrong and I find myself in quite a pickle. So that is why this time around I am going to be proactive and not let Mercury get the best of me. I have found spiritual ways to handle Mercury Retrograde and I am going to share them with you here.

But first, here are a few things NOT to do during Mercury Retrograde. I have done a lot of reading about Mercury Retrograde and through my research I have found:

  • You don’t want to sign contracts during MR
  • You should avoid purchasing big ticket items (especially electronics or cars)
  • Things may go haywire, sparks may fly
  • You will probably get into arguments with people – there will be miscommunication
  • You don’t want to start anything new or take on big projects
  • Don’t go into business partnerships with people – they may fail

So what DO you do during Mercury Retrograde? You take the time to slow down, find silence, and partake in your spiritual rituals. There are many spiritual ways to handle Mercury Retrograde and keep your cool, here are just a few:

Complete a project you’ve started


Tune into your sensual side


Repurpose or rearrange old furniture in your home

painting furniture

Create an Altar

Create an altar

Cleanse your home of old stagnant energy with sage

saging your home

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