Mother’s Intuition: How I learned that the Universe has My Back

by | Sep 9, 2016

Mother's Intuition

Never apologize for trusting your intuition…

What is a mother’s intuition? Over the past 11 months as I have been stepping into the role of mother, I’ve been learning to trust my intuition.

But man. This week was rough. Like a lost soul I was wandering. I questioned every movement, I second guessed myself, and I wouldn’t even trust the advice of my angel cards. I found myself asking questions like:

Have I made the right decision to go back to work?
Did I pick the right daycare for my daughter?
Is this the right time for me to leave her?

Whenever I find myself filled with doubt it’s like my mother’s intuition is blocked. It feels like I’m driving without a GPS and I have no idea where I’m going. It finally came down to me making a bold decision for my GPS to turn back on and for me to realize that my intuition had been right all along.

At every moment the universe has your back.

Let me repeat that.

At every moment the universe has your back. Even in moments of doubt, anguish, pain, uncertainty, fear. Yep. Even then. The universe has your back. It’s just that sometimes in order to understand something we have to go THROUGH it.

For me this week came down to the safety and spiritual nourishment of my daughter and TRUSTING my mother’s intuition. It’s hard enough going back to work and leaving your 11 month old in the care of others. It’s doubly hard when everyone tells you to just “get over it” and stop being so overprotective.

But she’s my only child and I have spent the last 20 months nurturing her inside and outside of the womb. I have been teaching her how to be kind and gentle and how to appreciate the trees and animals and sunshine. I’ve been teaching her about angels and the universe and dimensions. About meditation and mantra and quiet time. I’ve been telling her about peace and loving herself. Because a human being behind learning from the womb. And we must raise our children to be the best that they can be. To learn from THEM and let them be our teachers.
Mother's Intuition 2

So when I took Mishka to daycare and I noticed the difference in philosophy between the daycare owner and myself I at first let it go. I told myself not to pass judgement. I trekked forward like a warn out soldier counting the hours till the weekend when we would be together again.

The red flags were there but I chalked it up to me being unwilling to accept change. I had difficulty deciphering between my daughter’s feelings and my own feelings. It was as though I was in a haze.

On Wednesday I picked her up from the daycare she was crying and shaking in a swing as the daycare owner talked to other parents. Every fiber of my being felt repulsed. I was disgusted. I looked at Mishka’s eyes. I was done. I knew in that moment she would never step foot in this place again.

Immediately my inner GPS was activated and the fog lifted. All around my the signs became clear once again. This was my mother’s intuition in full swing! The universe had my back!

The next day as I figured out the situation with Mishka I realized that nothing is outside of my reach. I have the ability to resolve this matter in a peaceful and loving way and without compromising my morals and values.

I needed to be pushed to stand up for myself and my child. My mother’s intuition was never broken it had just be tuned out.

It’s part of my passion to teach others about the spiritual path but I’m proud to say that even the spiritual life coaches can occasionally fall off the path. And that’s okay. It’s all part of this educational journey that is life.

I’m ready to find the perfect solution for Mishka and I know that the universe has my back.


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