What it Means to “Show Up” and Embrace Your Magic

by | Jun 27, 2019

“When you Show Up as your authentic self, unafraid to step into your magic, you give others permission to do the same.”

It has been some time now that I haven’t been working a traditional corporate 9 to 5 job. Today as I was taking client calls, playing with my crystals and writing a blog post, I couldn’t help but cast my mind back to a time where I stuck in grey cubicle in a sunless building staring at the clock and praying for the time to past faster so I could go pick up my baby girl.

She was nine months old when I left her to go back to work. It was one of the hardest things I have ever done and every day I would sit there in guilt, wondering if I was a good mother to leave my little baby in some else’s hands.

Mishka as a newborn

Today Mishka is three and a half years old and I got to play with her, laugh with her, do my business work, have lunch together, and cuddle. I won’t forget these moments.

What Does it Mean to “Show Up?”

Speaking to my client and friend Danielle today, it got me thinking… how we “show up” in the world is so important. When I think about who I was back in my corporate days; the girl grappling with being a working mom and a wife, all while secretly juggling this life as “spiritual woo woo healer.” It was like having a split personality, having to hide myself like Clark Kent under my corporate clothes, secretly wishing I could go play with my magical powers.

You know back in those days I was “Showing Up”. I was working, breastfeeding, cooking dinner, creating, spiritual channeling, driving, working myself to the bone. But where was I showing up for myself?

In all the rush of doing everything for everyone, where was I giving myself room to just…be?

In order to truly “Show Up” for ourselves, we have to give ourselves the freedom, the permission, and the allowance to self-reflect. When we really “Show Up” for yourself, we:

  • Honor our emotions and do things that feel right at a core level.
  • Don’t worry about the judgement of others.
  • Take every day as a journey to become a better human being.
  • Give generously, but also receive just as generously.
  • Understand that “self care” is not a funny woo-woo term  but a way of living.
  • Know when something is toxic and make room to remove the toxicity.
  • Commit to working on your healing and showing up in your magic.

Embracing Your Magic

Each of us has a little magic that lies within. It may be a talent, an awareness, or a gift. Maybe it is music and the gift of song, maybe it is an intuition or a psychic awareness, or maybe it is something like the ability to capture the attention of a pact room. Whatever this magic is, we must embrace it and step into it fully.

Where do you hide out? How are you hiding your magic from the world?

Lately I have been realizing that writing is a huge part of the magic that I don’t fully show. I have books and books inside of me that I suppress and don’t write down.

So today, I have decided to make a commitment to showing up fully and totally embracing my magic. I am doing this not just for the healing of others, not just to show the world that we all have permission to be a beautiful, chaotic, spiritual, messy, empowered, loving, pained, creative emotional, unfolding, authentic and ever changing human being. But also, and perhaps most importantly, because as I show up every day a little more as Superman and a little less in disguise as Clark Kent, the more I am embracing my magic, my mess, my awesomeness.


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